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Are you getting the best price when you trade on a DEX? Why we built DEX.AG.

Are you getting the best price when you trade on a DEX? Why we built DEX.AG.

Back in the day, you only had a couple of choices when it came to choosing which decentralized exchange (DEX) to use. But, nowadays it feels like there is a new DEX launching every month. At face value, this seems like a good thing for users because there are more options. And while this isn’t untrue, sometimes more options can lead to information overload. That’s why we at Concourse Open built DEX.AG (ETH Gas Station is also a Concourse Construction.)

Imagine you’re at the grocery store trying to buy a can of beans for a recipe. There’s an entire shelf as tall as you with tons of options that all look similar. And, you know it probably doesn’t matter which one you pick because no matter what you’re getting beans either way. So how do you pick which one to purchase? Some people just throw their hands up and buy the first can they see, saving time but not money. While others start comparing the prices until they find the cheapest one, saving money but not time.

The scenario I just described isn’t that different from when you want to buy a token from a DEX. No matter where you go, you know you’ll be getting the same token. But what if I told you that using a DEX aggregator like DEX.AG you could save both time and money?

DEX.AG searches 11 different DEXes to find you the best price

As the Ethereum ecosystem grows and you have more DEXes to choose from, you might find yourself throwing your hands up too. Instead of manually going to each DEX and comparing the differences between their prices and orderbooks, just use DEX.AG. It’s a DEX aggregator which does the work of comparing DEX prices for you, helping you get the best price for your trades in seconds.

DEX.AG is simple and intuitive

Pick your which token you’re buying or selling, enter the amount, and then click the ‘Find Trades’ button. Almost instantly, DEX.AG compares the most popular DEXes for your desired trade. And Voila! The best price for your trade is at the top of the list.

Complete your trade directly from DEX.AG by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button. DEX.AG takes the trade details you’ve entered and generates a transaction containing your trade for the DEX you’ve chosen. And the best part is, we charge 0 fees for your trades! The only fees you pay are gas and any fee charged by the DEXes themselves (which is included in the Total Cost column).

DEX.AG cuts out hassle, saving you time and money. And it even works with your favorite mobile DApp browser for those trades on the go. Go ahead and give it a try: enter your favorite token trading pair and see the markup you might have paid if you didn’t check with DEX.AG.

Still have questions about DEX.AG or how it works? Come ask us in our Discord.

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