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What is Geth?

What is Geth?

Go Ethereum, written in Google’s Go language, is one of the three original implementations of the Ethereum protocol, alongside C++ and Python. Geth is Go Ethereum’s standalone CLI client and is the most popular software client for running a node on the Ethereum network. Running a node allows users to perform transactions and interact with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Who built Geth?

Go-Ethereum, and subsequently Geth, are built and maintained by the Ethereum community. It’s open source which means anyone can contribute to Geth through its Github.

Go-Ethereum’s Github contributors

In fact, 423 people have contributed code to its codebase. That being said, a handful of developers generally lead the project and rank among the top contributors, including Jeffrey Wilcke and Péter Szilágyi, having written large portions of Go-Ethereum.

Why run an Ethereum node with Geth?

When you run a node, you’re helping run the Ethereum network! Ethereum exists as a network of nodes relaying valid blocks to their peers. By running your own node, you maintain a local copy of the Ethereum blockchain. And, your node secures the network by validating blocks against its copy of the blockchain.

And so, when you want to send ETH to a friend or even trade on your decentralized exchange, you don’t have to rely on a third party to relay your message to the network. Instead, you can send, receive, and/or verify transactions on the Ethereum network for yourself!

If you’re interested in giving it a try, here’s some instructions for installing Geth.

Want to learn more about the Ethereum community? Or, maybe you just need help getting your node up and running. We can help you in our Discord or follow us on Twitter @ETHGasStation.

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