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Introducing the ETH25: Which 25 DApps is the Ethereum community spending the most to use?

Introducing the ETH25: Which 25 DApps is the Ethereum community spending the most to use?

The Ethereum network has grown immensely over the past few years. And for many of them, users have relied on ETH Gas Station to keep them informed on the most current recommended gas prices. We aim to provide the community with the most accurate data when it comes to what’s happening on the Ethereum network.

And so, we’re happy to introduce you to ETH Gas Station’s new look as well as a feature we call the ETH25. If you’re the type who is always curious about gas consumption, you’re going to love this new addition which ranks the top gas spenders on the Ethereum network.




We’ve all had those days where we’ve wondered: “Who is using up all the gas?!” Now, you’ll never have to wonder again.

The ETH25 leaderboard tracks the total ETH, average price in Gwei, and total USD value of the top 25 gas guzzlers on the Ethereum network for the past 30 days. And as you may have noticed already, it also warns users about potential scams operating on the network.

Putting more data at your fingertips

When you dig into the data, you’ll glean information about the account or contract spending the gas. Spot the next big game taking the network by storm. Or even, what DEX or DApp boasts the most on-chain gas efficiency.

For example, if a contract on the leaderboard has a low avg. Gwei but high total ETH and USD Value spent, the contract likely has a high volume. And actually, we’ve noticed this tends to be the case with the DEX contracts currently ranked among the top 25.

Macro trends also become easier to identify when you start comparing the spenders on the leaderboard. For example, did you know this month’s top 5 spenders combined spent more (in USD value) than the bottom 20 spenders combined?

Explore the ETH25 leaderboard and its data yourself by visiting ETH Gas Station. You’ll never know what you might uncover! We’d love to hear what trends or information you pick up along the way in our Discord and on Twitter @ETHGasStation.

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