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ETH Gas Station Has Joined Concourse!

ETH Gas Station Has Joined Concourse!

Concourse Open Community welcomes ETH Gas Station

ETH Gas Station

We’re happy to announce that ETH Gas Station is now a Concourse Open Construction! For the past two years, that site has been the community’s go-to place for reliable gas-price and transaction-time estimates, along with other valuable Ethereum network stats. Concourse Open Community now has the responsibility for maintaining and improving ETH Gas Station, and we look forward to the community’s ideas to improve this resource that has proven to be incredibly useful for all of us.

We don’t want to fix anything that isn’t broken. You’ll still find the best gas price (and the other metrics you’ve come to depend on) at Any changes we make will be in the spirit of making ETH Gas Station as useful as possible for everyone.

One of the first steps is to build a knowledge base for EGS users. For this purpose, we’ll be launching a new blog series called EGS Garage with Chaz. EthHub core contributor and Concourse Open Community member Chaz Schmidt will be leading that initiative. 

Beyond that, we’d love to hear what you’d like to see from ETH Gas Station. Let us know your thoughts and ideas, whether related the new blog series feature requests, questions, or anything else. Just reach out on our Discord


You might be wondering why ETH Gas Station is doing this and who exactly we are. So we put together a few questions + answers for the community (including how to join Concourse in case you dig what we do and want to help push the ecosystem forward).

Why are you now involved with ETH Gas Station?

The creator of ETH Gas Station has decided to step back to focus on other other projects and transferred the site to the Concourse Open Community for its maintenance and improvement.

What is Concourse Open Community?

We’re a growing collection of people from all different backgrounds who work on building useful and user-friendly tools for the Ethereum ecosystem. You can call us Concourse for short.  

What is Concourse trying to achieve?

Our main mission as a community is to help usher in a free, bountiful, and decentralized future for all humans. We carry out that mission by helping people find their life’s work.

When the right ideas and people come together, we talk about whether it makes sense to work together on a project. If it does, a Concourse Open Construction is born. The relationship typically involves Concourse providing support services so the Construction leaders can focus on building. The goal is to get each project to financial sustainability, at which point Concourse steps back (but still provides minimal support as needed).  

What Concourse Open Constructions exist now?

That list will grow. We have some things in the works, and we’re always looking for new ideas from (and opportunities for) our community members.

Who are the community members?

The Concourse Open Community is made up of anybody who simply shares our values: builders, creatives, researchers, enthusiasts. Our community is inclusive and open (that is our middle name…), and we strive to make everybody to feel welcome, regardless of background.  

How can I join?

There’s no formal process or admission criteria. Basically, if you want to join, you’ve joined. Though if you want to get more involved, we encourage you to join our Discord

What happens after I join?

There’s no set path. It depends on what you’re interested in. Come talk to us on Discord or engage with us on Twitter (or Reddit, or wherever you find us). Check out our active Constructions. Share your ideas, ask questions, build stuff, organize stuff, learn, teach, or whatever. It’s your community!  

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