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DEX.AG Sets New Volume Record – $294,733

DEX.AG Sets New Volume Record – $294,733

A few years ago, traders had few options when it came to decentralized exchanges (DEXes) and the experience was often lacking. But as you know, things change quickly in the Ethereum ecosystem. With the rise of DeFi, DEXes have become the go-to choice for many traders in the Ethereum community.

Improving UX/UI has been key to adoption of DEXes. And while the rising number of DEXes available gives users more options, it doesn’t necessarily improve the user’s experience. And so, aggregating the various DEXes into a single interface which provides the best trading experience is the next logical progression of DEX UI/UX. Another Concourse site, DEX.AG, is a leader in the new trend of DEX aggregation. In fact, DEX.AG recently set a new volume record, trading $294,733 on October 9, 2019.

Aggregation is the next step in the evolution of DEXes

Imagine the markets moving and you’re trying to make a quick DEX trade to take advantage of the price. What’s your goal? To get the best price for your trade and get it as fast as possible. But with the sheer number of DEXes that exist now, it’s become infeasible to open each DEX and manually compare prices and fees, especially from your phone. Additionally, more DEXes generally means that liquidity pools are smaller which means that larger trades are subject to more price slippage.

When you consider your goal to get the best price and get it ASAP, it becomes quickly apparent how important aggregation is to the user experience. In just a few clicks, find the best price for your trade from 11 different DEXes with DEX.AG. It saves you time and helps you better accomplish your goals. For example, DEX.AG factors in any DEX-related fees into the total cost of your trade. And with larger trades, DEX.AG’s X Blaster splits your trade across several DEXes to reduce price slippage.

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