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Crush it on those Quick Trades with DEX.AG and Get On With Your Day

Crush it on those Quick Trades with DEX.AG and Get On With Your Day

Life comes at you fast. If you’re anything like me, it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. You wake up, try and catch up on emails, and hopefully you’re able to grab some coffee before starting your work day.

And then, while you’re at work you have to manage your time wisely if you want to get anything done. When you finally get home, there’s still errands to run and chores to do. Your nights off are filled with plans to spend time with your friends or family.

Put simply, your time and attention are valuable. And as much as you wish you had the all the time in the world, no one has enough time to keep track of everything happening in crypto. So when prices start moving and you want to snag that quick trade, don’t waste your precious time. Head straight to DEX.AG and seize the opportunity in just a few clicks or taps on your phone.

Save yourself time and money

DEX.AG is a DEX aggregator that searches 11 different DEXes to get you the best price for your trade. It’s free to use, mobile-friendly, and has a wide variety of tokens available. And, any DEX-related fees are factored into the total cost of your trade. One trading interface, 11 DEXes, zero effort. See for yourself how easy it is!

And with the new X Blaster feature, crushing it with your trading is practically effortless. When you make a large trade on a single DEX, the size of your order can affect the price you see in the quote. DEX.AG’s X Blaster feature splits your large order into smaller ones across several exchanges to prevent this kind of slippage.

Experience the speed and simplicity of DEX.AG for yourself and see how much you could be saving on your trades. Want to learn about more ways you can level up your trades? Stay informed by following us on Twitter or joining our Discord.

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